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Hazel Parker Playground


  1. Athletic Field
  2. Basketball Court
  3. Benches
  4. Dog Park
  5. Drinking Fountain
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Playground
  8. Restrooms
  9. Tennis
  10. Trash Cans
 Upcoming Programs

 Summer Specialty Camps

Registration for all specialty (non-lottery) camps will open at 8:30am online on Saturday, March 24th.

Dance Jamm Camp

Get your groove on this Summer at the coolest camp yet! You'll dance to upbeat music, learn the latest moves to today's hits, and learn choreography to share with your friends.

Location: Hazel Parker Playground   
Ages: 5-8
Dates: June 4th-8th
Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Cost: $135.00 per camper

Soccer Shots Camp

Soccer Shots is a leader in youth soccer development. Our nationally recognized non-competitive skills program offers a high energy, fun, age-appropriate introduction to the wonderful game of soccer. Each class contains the perfect mix of reviewing previously learned and new skills.  

Character Development
Our innovative curriculum extends beyond physical activity to incorporate values like respect, sharing, teamwork, encouragement and cooperation.   The enhancement of a child’s coordination, balance and agility is often seen immediately, but it is the building blocks being created for a life-long love of sports that have the strongest impact.

 Soccer Skills
Each day, we focus on having fun while guiding children through imaginative games that teach basic soccer skills.  We offer unique programs designed specifically for ages 3-5, and 6-8.  Our coaches are energetic and enthusiastic, are great teachers, and love working with children.

Active Lifestyle
Children benefit with increased psychomotor development through fun fitness activities.  Soccer Shots encourages the development of active lifestyle habits.

*We will hold snack time along with water breaks to revive from the sun each day.

Location: Hazel Parker Playground field
Ages: 3-8
Session I: June 11th-15th  
Session II: July 9th-13th  
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Cost: $150.00 per camper, per week
Activity #: 380511

Yoga Benefits Camp

This week-long journey is crafted to bring out the courage and creativity in your child each day. YB summer camp focuses on the whole child: brain, body, and breath. Our activities enrich by celebrating our individuality through the use of positive, colorful imagery, art projects, exploring nature, and using our senses to get present and enjoy nourishing foods that strengthen minds and bodies. The magic of teamwork comes together when we integrate each day with partner poses, breakdown big concepts like trust and love for young students. At the end of each day, campers have already had a full day of moving their bodies to music, engaging in independent and group activities, exploring their creative side, learning breathing exercises, all while exercising choice to live in an empowered place.

Location: Hazel Parker Playground
Ages: 4-8
Session I: June 11th-15th  
Session II: July 9th-13th
Time: 12:30pm-3:30pm
Cost: $150.00 per camper, per week (*Sign up for both sessions, and pay only $120.00 per session, a total savings of $60.00 per child.)

Engineering for Kids Camp

Join us for three exciting weeks of Engineering for Kids camps!

Session I: June 25th- 29th

Junior Robotics Adventure Stories

This class is a perfect mixture of fun and learning, using LEGO® WeDo™ Robots. Using LEGO® bricks, students build an airplane rescue, a giant escape, and a sailboat storm. They also learn how to program and operate their creations using a laptop computer. 

Session II: July 30th –August 3rd

Scratch and Makey Makey

When your favorite song comes on the radio do you sit quietly or do you dance around and play the air drum solo? In Musical Adventures With Scratch and Makey Makey, we are going to explore how different sounds are created and we will create our own interpretations of common musical instruments like drums, piano, guitar, and even a recorder, and we will create our very own dancing program, all through the use of Makey Makey and Scratch to bring our music to life! The last day will end with a bang, or at least a really great mini concert from all of our students! 

Summer Session II: August 6th- 10th

Junior Civil Engineering

Building a house to withstand the Big, Bad Wolf is where the fun begins in Junior Civil. This class is centered on exploring the concepts of building and construction through hands-on exploration and design. Students explore the engineering behind sky scrapers, bridges, roads, and more in this fun and engaging experience. 

Location: Hazel Parker Playground
Ages: 5-7
Time: 12:30-3:30pm
Cost: $160.00 per camper, per week
Activity #:380523

Ballet Camp

Ballet camp will focus on classical ballet technique.  The first hour will be dedicated to a formal ballet class.  The second hour will include a ballet-related craft and dancing games that encourage creativity, individuality, and confidence.

Location: Hazel Parker Playground
Ages: 4-8
Dates: July 16th-20th
Time: 10:30am-12:30pm
Cost: $110.00 per child ($100 registration fee + $10.00 materials fee)
Activity #:380101

Manners & Mischief Camp

Manners and Mischief is a new summer camp designed by manners and mindfulness consultant, Aly Murphy – founder of Murphy’s Manners and author of The Manners Contract - to help teach basic manners in a fun and dynamic way. The camp will include a number of different art and crafts and games aimed to help strengthen social and emotional learning focusing on self-presentation, introductions, body language, self-control, empathy, forgiveness, resilience, gratitude, and dining etiquette.

Location: Hazel Parker Playground
Ages: 5-9
Dates: Monday, July 23rd- Thursday, July 26th
Time: 1:00-3:30pm
Cost: $85.00 per camper
Activity #: 280522

Adult Fitness Programs 
(See our monthly calendar below)

*All adult fitness classes are on-going, so participants may join in at any time.
*No pre-registration required. 

 21st Century Fitness: Beyond Pilates
A Pilates based formula of exercise to get in shape, maintain fitness and stay young at any age. For Beginners or Advanced, Young or Mature, the Fit or Unfit. Positions are modified to your fitness level.

Dates: Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings (Choose a schedule that works for you!)
Time: 9:00-9:45am    
$50 for the ENTIRE month
$30 for 4 classes
$10 per class 

Raising the Barre
This workout combines the best of pilates, resistance training and ballet to tone, strengthen and shape your body. With a strong focus on posture, this workout is designed to increase flexibility and produce long lean muscles. Using only light hand weights and your body's own resistance, you will tone and change your body while working at your own pace. A tighter seat, flatter abs, thinner thighs, sculpted arms and a strong core..........this is Raising the Barre!
Class times:
Mondays @ 4:15pm and 5:30pm
Wednesdays @ 4:15pm and 5:30pm
 Cost: $8 per class

*Please be sure to bring your own mat!

Foundational Yoga - 

*No classes during summer months. The last day of class will be May 24th, then class will resume on August 14th.

During this hour-long yoga class, students are introduced to the foundational elements of a yoga practice, including a wide variety of postures, breath work, and inquiry. The focus on the poses emphasizes sound alignment instruction geared toward building optimal balance between strength and flexibility. Our classes create a safe environment in which students are challenged in a fun way to explore their edges in order to increase their body and life awareness.

Dates: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Cost: $15 for drop-in class OR $65 for a five-class package 

Monthly Schedules & Calendars 

Monthly Fitness Calendar










Kickoff to Summer Party! 

Join your friends at the playground to celebrate the start of summer with popsicles, lawn games, music and fun!
Ages: All
Date: May 23
Time: 3:30pm-4:30pm
Cost: Free!