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Sustainability Advisory Committee

The City Council/Citizen Sustainability Advisory Committee will consider sustainability proposals that could come before City Council most likely relating to ordinances and funding. 

Voting Members

Mayor John J. Tecklenburg, Chairman   

Councilmember Robert Mitchell

Councilmember Dean Riegel

Councilmember Mike Seekings, Vice Chair

Councilmember Marvin Wagner

Councilmember Keith Waring

Councilmember Gary White    
Ian Scott, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce                                  

Andy Barber, Home Builders Association

Barbara Melvin, South Carolina Ports Authority

Danny Kassis, South Carolina Electric & Gas

Non-Voting Members

Jacob Lindsey, Director, Department of Planning, Preservation and Sustainability 

Ron Mitchum, Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments  

Public Meetings 2017

1st Floor Public Meeting Room, 2 George Street

Planned for:   11 am

May 18th   
August 10th
October 12th