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City Four Ball
City Four Ball Results and Archives
2015 Overall Champions:  Mike Cobb/Steve Agazzi*
    *Won on 3rd Sudden Death Playoff Hole
2015 Senior Champions:  Mike Weiner/Chris Pinckney
            Click Here for complete 2015 Results

2014 Overall Champions:   Jeremy Moore/Scotty Davis
2014 Senior Champions:    Nick Avery/Roger Newsome
            Click Here for complete 2014 Results

2013 Overall Champions:    Mike Cobb/Steve Agazzi
2013 Senior Champions:     Chris Pinckney/Mike Weiner
            Click Here for complete 2013 Results

2012 Overall Champions:    Jarrett Swan/Tucker O'Keefe
2012 Senior Champions:     Nick Avery/Doug Bowles
                Click Here for complete 2012 Results

2011 Overall Champions:    Jonathan Smith/Tom Bullock
2011 Senior Champions:      Buddy Beard/Van Wilkerson
            Click Here for complete 2011 Results

2010 Overall Champions:    Jonathan Smith/Tom Bullock
2010 Senior Champions:

2009 Overall Champions:    Tim Tang/Dee McCollum
2009 Senior Champions:    

2008 Overall Champions:   
Frank Ford III/Cordes Ford IV
2008 Senior Champions:     Nick Avery/Frank Dickson

2007 Overall Champions:    Dustin Barr/Tim Tang
2007 Senior Champions:     Bobby Mitchell/John Swicord

2006 Overall Champions:    Tommy Ford/Frank Ford
2006 Senior Champions:     John McCoy/Ned Dennis

2005 Overall Champions:    Mike Cobb/Dee McCollum
2005 Senior Champions: