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Plan West Ashley
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The Plan West Ashley 
Draft Report is ready!

Plan West Ashley Report Updated 12.28.2017 (updated version incorporating all previously redlined edits)

Plan West Ashley Draft Report REDLINED VERSION 12.13.2017

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Plan West Ashley will be a master plan that will shape the future of West Ashley’s streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces.  

Check out an overview of the draft Plan here:


Find out more information about this planning initiative at

February 13, 2018, 5:00 pm 
City Council (public hearing & first reading) 
The Schoolhouse, 720 Magnolia Rd

January 17, 2018, 5:00 pm
Planning Commission Meeting (public hearing)
2 George St, Public Meeting Room
At this meeting the Planning Commission voted unanimously to recommend approval of the Plan West Ashley complete report.

January 10, 2018, 5:30 pm
West Ashley Commission and Planning Commission Workshop
The Schoolhouse, 720 Magnolia Rd
At this meeting the West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC) and Planning Commission discussed Plan West Ashley. The updated report (12/28/17) was presented to the WARC and Planning Commission.  The updated report is a clean version incorporating all redlined edits. 

December 13, 2017, 5:30 pm
West Ashley Commission Meeting
JC Penney, Citadel Mall
The redlined report was presented to the West Ashley Revitalization Commission (WARC) at this meeting and the Commission unanimously approved the chapter overviews and implementation pages (with revisions noted) of the Plan.  

Community input opportunities during  October 2017.
Community input opportunities during September 2017.

Watch the May 13th Work-In-Progress Presentation:

Community participation will be critical to shaping the vision for West Ashley's future. We want to hear your ideas, suggestions and concerns. 

For more information visit the official Plan West Ashley website:

Calendar of events 
Share your ideas 
Community Workshops & Planning Studio Flyer (April 24, 25, May 6, May 8-13) 
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Plan West Ashley is intended to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of West Ashley.   This master plan will set broad policies and identify specific actions that will enhance West Ashley’s quality of life, support complementary economic growth and development, revitalize obsolete auto-centric commercial areas, and protect the area’s historic, cultural and natural environs.  The Plan West Ashley will provide goals, objectives and specific strategies related to the following topics: land use, infill development, community design, public facilities, parks and recreation, housing, health and quality of life, sustainability, transportation, stormwater drainage and economic development. The Plan will include market driven recommendations, land use and design guidelines, conceptual development plans, maps, pictures and graphics that will serve as a foundation for future land use decisions. 
The West Ashley Revitalization Commission will serve as the steering committee for Plan West Ashley but public input from all members of the West Ashley community is crucial and needed during this planning process.  

The public planning process began Spring 2017.  A draft of the plan will be available for review and comments Fall 2017. Stay tuned for more information!  

For more information visit the official Plan West Ashley website: 

Questions?  Contact Mandi Herring, West Ashley Project Coordinator, at 843-973-7249 or by email.

Documents, Presentations & Information

Plan West Ashley Update Presentation to the West Ashley Revitalization Commission 07.12.2017

Plan West Ashley Work-in-Progress & Feedback Session Presentation 5.13.17

Plan West Ashley Open House Presentation for West Ashley Revitalization Commission 5.10.2017

Plan West Ashley Community Input Recap Presentation 05.08.2017

Plan West Ashley Presentation to the West Ashley Revitalization Commission 03.08.2017

West Ashley Master Plan Presentation to the West Ashley Revitalization Commission 02.08.2017

West Ashley Master Plan Approved Contract Scope 01.10.2017

Dover Kohl Presentation to City Council 12.20.2016 (qualifications & previous work)

West Ashley Master Plan Request for Proposals (RFP) Fall 2016 

Expert Consulting Team

Dover Kohl, the planning consultant hired to work on the West Ashley Master Plan, has local and national level experience in planning, coding, and overseeing the design and construction of complex planning projects.  Dover Kohl is renowned for their expertise in public engagement, creating visual and easy to understand planning documents, making realistic recommendations, and developing achievable implementation strategies. Alongside their expertise, they've assembled a team of subconsultants to assist in West Ashley planning efforts: Horsley Witten Group (stormwater and environmental), Alta Planning + Design and Bihl Engineering (transportation planning and engineering), Strategic Economics (market analysis and economic development) and CityFi (innovation).