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Members & Districts
Members by District

·         District One Councilmember
F. Gary White, Jr.

·         District Two Councilmember
Rodney Williams   

·         District Three Councilmember
James Lewis, Jr

·         District Four Councilmember
Robert M. Mitchell

·         District Five Councilmember
Marvin D. Wagner

·         District Six Councilmember
William Dudley Gregorie

·         District Seven Councilmember
Perry K. Waring 

·         District Eight  Councilmember
Michael S. Seekings

·         District Nine Councilmember

A. Peter Shahid, Jr.

·         District Ten Councilmember
Dean C. Riegel

·         District Eleven Councilmember
William A. Moody, Jr.

·         District Twelve Councilmember
Kathleen G. Wilson