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Sub-Contractor Permits


All City Departments involved with construction/land development will be switching from BluePrince to EnerGov on AUGUST 14, 2017! Please see flyer (link below) for more information.

**EnerGov Flyer**

Subcontractor Permits
Consist of Electrical, Plumbing, Gas, Mechanical, and Fire and are usually issued after a master building permit is issued, but not always. Fire permits are initiated in the Permit Center and reviewed by the Fire Marshal's Office. Once released by them, the permit is issued through at the Permit Center located at 2 George Street. Scroll down for more detailed downloadable information on sub-trade requirements.  

NOTE: Permits can only be released in person through the Permit Center located at 2 George Street. We will only accept credit card payment in person and not over the phone.  

What to bring and/or submit? 

    1.) Current Contractor Card & Proof of licensure (updated prior to applying for permit)
    2.) Completed application with detailed scope of work 
    3.) Plans detailing scope of work (if applicable) 
    4.) Payment (MC, VISA, Check, or Cash)   

Permit Process     
Step 1: All contractors must have updated STATE and CITY licenses before obtaining permit. Business License process. 
Step 2: Complete a Building Permit and Plan Review Application or Subcontractor Application with all required information listed. 
Step 3: Visit a permit clerk located in the Permit Center with application and other requirements.    
Step 4: Permit clerk will issue a permit placard. This permit placard must be visible at the job site. 
Step 5: Complete work and call for inspections. 

What are the fees? 
Fee amount will depend upon the trade and the amount of work being performed. Please refer to the Fee Schedule for further detail. 

Inspection Request Procedure 

         Preferred submittal methods: Email OR online through the Building Department Website 

Alternative submittal method:
Phone 843.724.7441

  • Inspections requested before noon will be scheduled for the next business day.   

             Example: Request taken on Mon @ 11:00am - Inspection scheduled for Tuesday 

  • Inspections requested after noon will be for 2 business days out. 

            Example: Request taken on Mon @ 3:00pm - Inspection scheduled for Wednesday

Inspection Status
Please use our Online Inspections Viewer to determine the status of your inspections.  You can search by address or date range to determine if an inspection is scheduled or completed.  

For more information on who can perform the work, what type of work falls under the sub-trade permit, and what inspections are required, please refer to below downloadable information: