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Less than 10 Steps to a Successful GBC Year!


2. Check out the sample scorecard, then click "Register" to create your own user name and password.

3. Once registered, click "log in", then fill out 8 various environmental and social categories: Company Management & Operations, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Waste Minimization & Recycling, Transportation Efficiency & Air Quality, Green & Local Purchasing, Eco Options & Community and Innovations. Set goals for your company.

4. Use the log found here to record your energy, water, waste and recycling baseline data. You will also find many tips, posters and example policies on the GBC resource link.

5. The GBC team will review your scorecard - offering suggestions early in the year and at the end of the year when they validate your score and tier.

6. Learn new sustainable business practices through training and workshops hosted by the City and its GBC partners. Network with other GBCers.

7. Implement as you go. For some, one new initiative for a year is great. For others, one policy or practice put in place for each month may fit. Go for what is right for your company. Update scorecards throughout the year as strategies are incorporated.

8. Submit a final scorecard. The year ends October 31st, 2016. Year end scorecards with accomplishments are due December 1, 2016.

9. Businesses will be recognized and outstanding achievements awarded.