Instruction Rates

Boykin Powers, PGA

Master Instructor, Head Golf Professional

  • 55 Minute Private Lesson: $60
  • Series of 4 Lessons: $200
  • Coaching Program: $350
    • 4 Lessons with Trackman
    • 2 Trackman Combine Test, one before and one after program.
    • 4 Supervised practice sessions with Trackman, custom practice based on lessons on the Trackman.

Tim Calcagno, PGA

  • 55 Minute Private Lesson: $60
  • Series of 4 Lessons: $200
  • Private Clinics or Groups: See Clinic Schedule or Contact Boykin Powers for details about group instruction.
  • Trackman 4 Services: $40

Please email Boykin Powers for more information about Trackman Lessons and Services.

Combine Testing

Combine is a 60 shot scored test to 12 different targets. It's fun to see how you stack up to Touring pros and compare results with your personal best and your friends. This is just one of the ways to measure your continued improvement!

Customized Skills Testing

A customized skills test can be administered based on weakness discovered in lessons or combine testing that will focus on specific shots.

Gap Fitting

Do you always wonder which club to hit on the course? Or, whether you have the best set of clubs for you?

A Trackman Gap Fitting gives you a clear picture of how far you hit each club in the bag and uncovers your "distance gaps." After your session, you'll finally be able to make "fact-based" decisions, just like the Tour pros

Driver Optimizer

Want To Increase The Length on Your Drives? Did you know, there are ways to drive longer that don't require a new $500 Driver? And no, you don't have to go to the gym, swing harder, or give up any accuracy.Just optimizing what your club is doing at impact can mean 10, 20, or even 40 yards! We'll use Trackman to measure your Angle of Attack, Spin Loft, and Ball Spin.

Then, with a few "tweaks," (and without any more club head "speed"), watch your driving distance increase!