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Citywide Transportation Plan

In preparation for the influx of people and businesses, the City of Charleston has developed an update to their Citywide Transportation Plan that will provide solutions as well as a long-range vision for Charleston’s transportation system aimed at improving mobility, mitigating traffic congestion, improving safety for pedestrians and vehicular traffic, and enhancement of transportation corridors.

This transportation City Transportation Plan Cover Page Opens in new windowplan will begin to address the multitude of issues affecting the city’s transportation. One purpose of this plan is to review and consolidate select previous plans and efforts related to city mobility. The West Ashley Area combined with James Island has the most transportation corridors, with the highest volumes of traffic and higher needs for redevelopment. The communities in Johns Island are weighing the need for better connectivity verses preserving their historic tree canopy and wanting planning options that achieve both of these goals. Additionally, Daniel Island is facing tremendous new growth as well and already looking to improve connections to rest of the city through its main artery, Clement’s Ferry Road. The Lower PeninsulaKing Street, circa 1910 City Transportation Plan Page 3 Opens in new window, the historic, urban core of the City, is facing both new residential and commercial growth, and making more effort to serve the multi-modal needs for tourists and residents alike.