Lend-A-Bin Program

Keep Charleston Beautiful offers collapsible metal-frame landfill, recycling, and composting receptacles to interested groups for use at special events in the City of Charleston, in an effort to reduce the amount of waste making its way to landfills. 

How It Works 

The Lend-A-Bin program is based on a tiered fee system, which is determined by the extent of services needed for the event. Hosts can choose to utilize just one waste stream for their event, or all three. We encourage the use of all three waste streams as this offers the chance for more waste being diverted from the landfill, and an opportunity for public education. 


  • Tier Level 1.  The Level 1 Tier requires the event host to pick up the receptacle frames and lids from our office at 823 Meeting Street, as well as drop them back off at the conclusion of the event. The event host is also responsible for providing appropriate bags for the borrowed receptacles (40 inches by 45 inches), and they will be required to properly dispose of any landfill/recycling/compost waste that is created during the event. This Tier Level is free.
  • Tier Level 2.  The Level 2 Tier provides the event host additional assistance . KCB will drop off Lend-A-Bin receptacles to the event site, as well as pick them up at the event’s conclusion. KCB will also provide appropriate bags for each waste stream you choose to utilize (i.e. compostable bags for compost, clear bags for recycling, black bags for landfill etc.). At the Level 2 Tier, the event host is still the responsible party for properly disposing of landfill/recycling/compost waste that is created during the event. The associated fee for Level 2 Tier is minimal, but is determined based on the quantity and type of receptacles requested. 
  • Tier Level 3.  The Level 3 Tier is our most inclusive package. Keep Charleston Beautiful will drop of Lend-A-Bins to the event site, as well as remove them at the event’s conclusion. We will also provide bags for each waste stream receptacle utilized for the event. KCB staff will be present during the event to help manage waste, and will recruit volunteer staff  for the event. Volunteers will help manage the receptacles during the event and assist event patrons in sorting their waste into proper receptacles. At the conclusion of the event, Keep Charleston Beautiful is the party responsible for disposing of landfill/recycling/compost waste created during the event.  The associated fee for the Level 3 Tier is substantially higher (especially if composting is included), as there is a cost associated with properly disposing of compostable material at an industrial composting facility.

More Information

For more information on the Lend-A-Bin program and detailed pricing for each fee tier, please email Keep Charleston Beautiful  or phone us at (843) 579-7501. If you have questions regarding recycling drop-sites or materials that are accepted please contact Charleston County Environmental Management at 843-720-7111

Lend A Bin Waste Streams