Planting Events

Winter 2016

  • 9 Live Oak, 9 Sioux Crape Myrtles, and 6 Palmetto trees were planted near the Wappoo Cut Bridge.
  • 8 Sioux Crapes, 21 Natchez Crapes, 13 Muskogee Crapes, and 9 Tuscarora Crapes were planted along Sam Rittenberg.

Fall 2015

  • Thanks to a generous donation from Charleston Hardwood Trees and their many investors, we had 1,148 Live Oaks to give to property owners.

March 2015

  • 5 Crepe Myrtles and 6 Live Oaks were planted along Folly Road just past James Island Creek. These new trees were possible thanks to a partnership with the Town of James Island.

December 18th 2014

  • 6 Natchez Crepe Myrtles were planted along Folly Road at the Wappoo Cut Boat Landing. Mayor Riley and Mayor Woolsey were on-site to celebrate the start of the Folly Road tree plantings.
  • Folly Road trees were possible thanks to donations from: the Motley Family in honor of their grandchildren, Henry Ravenel, Susan Pearlstine, The Garden Club of Charleston, Riverdogs Baseball Club, "In Memory of Hank Melfi", and help from City of Charleston, Charleston County Parks and Rec. and the Town of James Island. 

November 2014

  • 7 Natchez Crepe Myrtles were planted along the intersection of St. Andrews and Old Towne Road in honor of Sheldon Kamen. Support for the 7 trees came from the Kamen Family, Spikenology, Ashley Hall Manor, Heathwood Old Towne, Charleston Shoe company, Coastal Cardiology, and the Hair District.

November 2014

  • Charleston Hardwood Trees donated 148 Live Oaks to property owners in the Charleston area. 

Spring 2014

  • 73 new trees were planted along Savannah Highway out by Rantowles Creek. These were funded by donations from Town and Country Inn, Charleston Rotary, Holiday Inn Express, Lexus of Charleston, Charlestowne neighborhood Association, Palmetto Ford, The Francis Marion Hotel, Market Pavilion Hotel, Tarrant Properties, Hoover Automotive, Charles Christen Jr., Signature Kitchen and Bath of Charleston, and more.

December 6, 2013

  • In honor of South Carolina Arbor Day, Tommy B. Baker, President and CEO of Baker Motor Company, purchased 100 Oak trees to gift to businesses and private property owners along Savannah Highway.