TrackMan Test Center & Combine

About the TrackMan Test Center

TrackMan not only provides ball and swing data, it allows a student the opportunity to test and hone their skills with test center and the combine. Test center is used to identify strengths and weaknesses in a player's long game. Tests can be tailored cover shots ranging from 20 yards to tee shots. Many golfers do not know how far they actually hit the golf ball, and therefore costs themselves valuable strokes on the golf course by mis-clubbing. Test center will show us whether a student has a typical yardage miss, or whether there is a yardage range that needs improvement. Test center is particularly valuable with wedges. Even top level amateurs' results typically suffer when they are asked to hit a wedge a less than full yardage. Test center allows us to monitor a student's progress over time with concrete data. We work to dial in distances with the scoring clubs using TrackMan so that every yardage is a perfect yardage.

The TrackMan combine is a standardized test with 60 shots ranging from 60 yards to tee shots. After completing the combine, the player will receive a full report of their data. Using the TrackMan website, the player can compare their scores to PGA Tour players as well as view a global leaderboard that features players of all ages and handicaps. If a player is a 10 handicap and has the goal to become a 5 handicap, we will look at a 5 handicap's report online and identify areas that the student can improve to bridge the gap. The TrackMan combine is a fantastic skills assessment and training exercise.

Rylan Test SummaryTest Summary

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Sample Combine Report PDF

View an example of a Combine Report.