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TrackMan Technology

TrackMan isn't just for tour pros – it's an MRI for your game too! If they're so good, why do PGA Tour players want TrackMan club and ball data? Simple, because it makes them even better! And, it will unleash your potential too! You get an immediate advantage with accurate, actionable feedback on club delivery, launch, ball flight, and landing.

  • No more guessing why your ball curves left and right
  • Make fact-based decisions on costly swing and equipment changes
  • No more wondering how far each club in your bag goes
  • Gain confidence that what you feel is what you're doing
  • See actual measurements of your accelerated improvement

TrackMan Introduction with Nick Faldo

Many golfers have heard of TrackMan but very few know what it actually does (and doesn't do). TrackMan uses the same military Doppler radar technology which tracks a missile in flight. Engineers in Denmark adapted the missile tracking technology producing a product capable of tracking a live golf ball in flight accurate to 1 foot per 100 yards; making TrackMan the most accurate radar technology on the planet. TrackMan is the only radar technology on the market which tracks a ball in flight from start to finish.

Every other radar on the market takes the first 18 inches of a shot and then extrapolates the shot thus creating a far less accurate measurement than TrackMan provides. Many devices provide swing speed or estimate the total distance of a shot, but no device in golf provides the amount of accurate data and feedback that Trackman does. TrackMan is used by over 100 PGA Tour professionals including 3 of the 4 major winners in 2013 (as well as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy), all major manufactures to test their equipment and fit their players, and the PGA Tour to produce the majority of their statistics. 

 How Does TrackMScreen Shot of TrackMan Analysisan work? 

A player hits a shot and TrackMan measures 26 individual parameters (seen below) giving the player valuable data regarding their flight and swing which when understood properly, can exponentially improve a players fundamental understanding of all the cause and effect relationships which exist in the golf swing. You can simply think of TrackMan of advanced diagnostics for your golf swing. TrackMan measures the club and ball data at an astounding 2,000 Frames Per Second and provides data that is impossible to accurately determine with even the most high end video cameras.

As you go through the process of beginning to understand the data and feedback which TrackMan provides the better your foundation of knowledge will be when trying to assess what happened on each shot but more importantly knowing where your "miss" on the golf course comes from and how to correct it immediately.

TrackMan technology is currently available with lessons, lesson programs with PGA Master Instructor Boykin Powers.

TrackMan Practice

TrackMan Practice memberships are available as well.