Design Completion

When the design is complete and any necessary permits have been received, the property owner will be provided a copy of the drawings for review and be asked to submit the remainder of the balance due for construction of the piping project to the Finance Division. Once the letter and check have been received, the Finance Division will notify the Stormwater Division that the check and letter of authorization have been received by forwarding a copy of the authorization letter. When the Stormwater Division receives the authorization letter, the work will be scheduled within two to four weeks (weather permitting).

Estimate & Expiration Information

The estimate provided by the city to the property owner will be valid for a period of three months. After three months, the property owner may be subject to a revised estimate if additional costs are determined by the city at the time that the property owner wishes to proceed with the work. 

Applications that are more than six months old will be considered expired and a new request from a property owner will be required. Any fees applied to the original application will be forfeited.