Priority Stat

Charleston Priority Stat Program

Charleston’s Priority Stat program is organized around four of the five Mayoral priorities: Flooding and Sea Level Rise (SLR), Affordable Housing, Mobility, and Quality of Life.  Priority Stat is how we know if we are achieving our goals and this site helps you, our citizens, do the same.  This site provides insight into our priorities and goals as well as the measures we use to assess our progress.  Clicking on a tile takes you to that priority, where you can explore each one in more detail. The visualizations on this site are updated monthly (automatically when possible) to reflect the most recent data.

Priority Stat meetings are designed to foster an environment of accountability and collaboration, and represents a strong partnership between the Mayor’s Office and department leadership and their shared interest in using data to drive performance and decision-making.

If you have any questions or comments about the dashboard, please share on Twitter @innovatechscity #ChuckStat.