Minority & Women-Owned Business Spotlight

The M&WBE Spotlight Program was created to recognize local entrepreneurs who are vital to the City of Charleston’s economic growth and award them for their achievements in developing both their businesses and supporting their communities.
Eligible businesses must be registered with the City of Charleston’s M&WBE Program to be nominated.

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The City of Charleston is honored to recognize Wellness and Beyond LLC as our September 2021 Business Spotlight.

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  1. Ruth Jordan

    Minority Business Enterprise Manager
    Phone: 843-724-7434

Wellness and Beyond, LLC

Nilsy Rapalo Headshot

Owner: Nilsy Rapalo, Latina-owned business

Address: 105 Central Avenue Suite 300A, Goose Crreek SC 29445

Email: nilsy@nilsyrapalo.com

Website: https://nilsyrapalo.com/

Phone:  (843) 754-3768

How long have you been in business?:  Since 2009

Number of employees: 1

Please give us a brief description of the business:  

Wellness and Beyond, LLC is a company that provides coaching services. We help clients to discover their "Underlying Automatic Commitments (UAC's)" that are holding them in mental places where changes cannot be done. UAC's are beliefs that we have consciously or unconsciously about ourselves. They dictate our options, and therefore our actions or the lack of them. If growing is your priority, coaching is your opportunity. 

What is your business philosophy/mission statement?     

To provide people (clients) with the necessary support for you to embark on a journey that will allow you to grow and shine in a personal way.

Why does this business deserve to be a M&WBE Spotlight Business?    

Because our company seeks not only to generate income, but to deliver a quality service that contributes to improve the lives of our clients, most of whom belong to the Hispanic community. Wellness and Beyond provides not only a service, but seeks to help our clients obtain a better quality of life that benefits them and the community.

Growth: How has this business grown since its establishment (in employees or revenue)? What is the vision and potential for growth in the future?           

Currently, Wellness and Beyond has 1 employee locally. However, we have the virtual assistance of a collaborator who maintains the website and social networks. For the future, we aspire to grow in number of employees to offer more and better services to the community.

What activities does your business engage in to support the broader community?  

Our company serves a variety of people from different fields. We deliver life coaching services regardless of aspects such as: religious or political beliefs, social status, among others. We support and work with different local initiatives such as PASOS and Lowcountry Local First.

What sets your business apart from competitors?       

We differentiate ourselves from other competitors for two fundamental reasons: our service is focused on the individual as a unique being of light and we offer our services to those who speak English or Spanish. In this way, we are able to reach an important sector of our local community.

What's one valuable lesson you've learned that you would share with other business owners?

An important aspect in our field as a business is to approach the customer on a personal level. Our customers come to us looking for more than just a service. They are looking for real help and a voice to assist them. This can be applied to any other type of business.

Tell us an interesting & fun fact about your business: 

Because we serve many people from the Hispanic community, language is often a barrier for them. It is common for us to serve families where someone does not speak English and others only speak Spanish. In these cases many situations can occur that are often amusing in terms of communicating ideas or words from one language or the other. Hence the importance of managing not only Spanish and English, but also the cultural aspects of both languages