Minority & Women-Owned Business Spotlight

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The M&WBE Spotlight Program was created to recognize local entrepreneurs who are vital to the City of Charleston’s economic growth and award them for their achievements in developing both their businesses and supporting their communities.
Eligible businesses must be registered with the City of Charleston’s M&WBE Program to be nominated.

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The City of Charleston is honored to Spotlight Charleston's Rigging and Marine Hardware as our January 2021 Business Spotlight.

  1. Ruth Jordan

    Minority Business Enterprise Manager
    Phone: 843-724-7434

Charleston's Rigging and Marine Hardware 

Owner or Manager: Jessica Sage

Address: PO Box 21255 Charleston, SC 29413

Email: jsage@charlestonsrigging.com

Phone:  (843) 723-7145

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How long have you been in business?  32 years

Number of employees: 35

Please give us a brief description of the business:      

Charleston's Rigging and Marine Hardware (CR) partners with manufacturers, construction, maritime, energy & transportation/packaging companies who are in need of a reputable supplier of all types of lifting and rigging products. We manufacture wire rope slings, nylon/polyester slings, chain gain slings, and hoist products. We stock all types of wire rope, nylon, chain, industrial, safety and commercial maritime products. With our custom fabrication capabilities, we can create lifting and tiedown material specific to your applications. CR also offers a rental inventory for that one time use of blocks, toe jacks, hoists, dynometers, spreader bars and more. We have proof load testing capacity of 150T inhouse and 100,000lbs mobile testing equipment. Our crane service division repairs, installs and inspects crane systems and hoists. We know your time is important so we offer 24 hr breakdown service to get you back up and running. As a small woman-owned business, CR can help you meet your diversity goals while at the same time providing you with great service and products. We look forward to serving you. Come see us at 1210 Truxtun Ave, North Charleston SC, 1421 Pineview Dr. Columbia, SC.

What is your business philosophy/mission statement?          

In Africa every morning a gazelle awakens knowing that it must outrun the fastest lion if it wants to stay alive. Every morning a lion wakes up knowing that it must outrun the slowest gazelle or it will starve to death. It makes no difference whether you are a lion or a gazelle: when the sun comes up you had better be running!

Why does this business deserve to be a M&WBE Spotlight Business?         

Diversity at all levels is important. We appreciate the opportunity to be the spotlight because a rising tide floats all boats. We will always lead with Charleston's Rigging great products and services. However, it is important to acknowledge that there’s not many women owned Rigging shops in the country. If someone reads this and is inspired to set big goals for really huge ideas then- mission accomplished. Diversity actually raises the bar and that's a storyline people need to hear.

Growth: How has this business grown since its establishment (in employees or revenue)? What is the vision and potential for growth in the future?           

Through a lot of hard work and dedication CR has grown in several ways. It all started with two employees and one shop on King St. Now we support 35 families, a 65,000 sq ft facility at the Navy Yard and a 40,000 sq ft facility off I-77 in Columbia. We have a full overhead crane service department that supports manufacturer’s all of the state. As for the future we are excited for what it holds in both our Cities, our State and the Southeast.

What activities does your business engage in to support the broader community?  

We have been supporting Bridge to Prosperity (https://www.bridgestoprosperity.org/) with the SCPorts. We provide them old wire rope used on the Port STS cranes and they build foot bridges in rurally isolated areas that have limitations to food, water and schools. It is literally life saving work. We are so proud to be able to work with our partners at the Port and large construction companies to do something so big and impactful.

What sets your business apart from competitors?       

We truly care about our customers. Making sure they have the correct equipment for the job and use it properly. We won’t sell the cheapest product because you aren’t cheap and neither are we. We will provide you the highest level of quality and service because that’s what you deserve.

What's one valuable lesson you've learned that you would share with other business owners?        

Do it, afraid. If it isn’t scary, then you are doing something wrong! Walk up to fear and walk through it. Amazing results are on the other side- keep pushing!

Tell us an interesting & fun fact about your business:  

We love touching every part of commerce! We like to think that we help the big wheel of commerce go round.