Minority & Women-Owned Business Spotlight

The M&WBE Spotlight Program was created to recognize local entrepreneurs who are vital to the City of Charleston’s economic growth and award them for their achievements in developing both their businesses and supporting their communities. Eligible businesses must be registered with the City of Charleston’s M&WBE Program to be nominated.

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The City of Charleston is honored to recognize W-W Productions, Inc. as our December 2021 Business Spotlight.

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  1. Ruth Jordan

    Minority Business Enterprise Manager
    Phone: 843-724-7434

W-W Productions, Inc.

Karen Chisolm HeadshotOwner: Karen Wright-Chisolm

Address:  1929 Gammon Street, Charleston SC 29414

Website: centralizedmoment.org

Phone:  843-330-3380

How long have you been in business?:  6 years

Number of employees: 2

Please give us a brief description of the business:  

W-W Productions, Inc. is an event planning business that caters to other non-profit, veterans and charitable organizations by providing equipment, linen and event services for a minimal cost to those organizations whose revenue is small but their mission is large

What is your business philosophy/mission statement?   

Helping hands to help others to excel at any cost.

Why does this business deserve to be a M&WBE Spotlight Business?    

This business' focus is not about making large amounts of money from the services they provide, but having the satisfaction of seeing smiles and excitement on the faces of our clients. Giving back to the community and providing services to those less fortunate than others.

Growth: How has this business grown since its establishment (in employees or revenue)? What is the vision and potential for growth in the future?    

The revenue portion of the business has not grown since it's establishment, however, the network of community, organizations and friends have taken on something greater than money. A renewed sense of the word of God says, it's more blessed to give than to receive. I am blessed more by my giving than receiving.

What activities does your business engage in to support the broader community?  

My business engages in donating services, equipment, linen, decorations and services to non-profit organizations at no cost. Providing high-school students with volunteer hours to help clean and maintain the dignity of the resources in order to extend the services to others in a clean, efficient and timely manner.

What's one valuable lesson you've learned that you would share with other business owners?

Always treat others like you want to be treated. God loves a cheerful giver and as long as you give from your heart, you will receive blessings that are overflowing.

Tell us an interesting & fun fact about your business: 

Whenever we are decorating for a function, we get involved with the client, have a good time and never complain about the amount of hours that we have to put in. The harder the job, the more committed we are.