Minority & Women-Owned Business Spotlight

The M&WBE Spotlight Program was created to recognize local entrepreneurs who are vital to the City of Charleston’s economic growth and award them for their achievements in developing both their businesses and supporting their communities.
Eligible businesses must be registered with the City of Charleston’s M&WBE Program to be nominated. 

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The City of Charleston is honored to Spotlight Resource Partners LLC as our June 2020 Business Spotlight.

CEO Audrey Whetsell

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Audrey Whetsell is the CEO of Resource Partners LLC, a healthcare consulting firm offering health technology solutions. Our solutions are grounded in technology that supports the needs of healthcare organizations and the capabilities of third-party technology vendors. Over the fifteen years our company has expanded its reach outside of the Charleston community to states throughout the US and its territories.

As a company we are dedicated to helping communities thrive in today’s health care environment. We are committed to the development of our clients that serve diverse communities. We are employee-centered. We believe our employees are our most valuable asset.

What’s one valuable lesson you’ve learned that you would share with other business owners? 

Minority and women of color company owners continue to face a double bias due to both their race and gender. This in turn creates difficulties when it comes to obtaining funding, reaching out to potential partners and even networking. With that being said it is critical that you reach outside the normal boundaries using innovative approaches to build partnerships.

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