USACE Peninsula Flood Risk Mgmt Study

Thank you for your interest in the US Army Corps of Engineers Charleston Peninsula Coastal Flood Risk Management Study and the release of the draft report and environmental assessment.  

As the non-federal sponsor for this study, the City of Charleston has been engaged with the US Army Corps of Engineers since the beginning to provide critical information, collaborate on possible solutions and to work with stakeholders throughout the process.  We will continue to work with the Corps of Engineers throughout the remainder of the study to develop the best possible solution for the City of Charleston. 

The release of the draft report and environmental assessment on April 20, 2020 is a major milestone in the 3-year timeline of this study.  

The US Army Corps of Engineers sought public comment and feedback to their study for a 60-day period beginning on April 20 and ending on June 19, 2020.

A second public comment period is anticipated in early 2021!

Artwork call to action and verbiage You Can Help_

The City of Charleston encourages our citizens and businesses to engage in the process by visiting the link below to review the project, gain a better understanding of the proposed alternative, timelines, benefits and estimated costs of the project and if inclined, provide comments via the US Army Corps of Engineers process.  The next opportunity to comment will be in early 2021.

Thank you again for your interest in this very important study.

Army Corps Flood Management Study Agreement Signing Fall 2018

The City of Charleston and US Army Corps of Engineers signed official documents to kickoff the project in Fall 2018.