Holiday Hunt

Cupids Arrow Hunt banner

Cupid has been spotted in Charleston! We have reports of him being seen flying around parks all over town. Equipped with his bow and quiver stocked full of arrows, he must have been practicing his aim in preparation for the big day because he's running a little low in arrows! 

We need your help to locate all of Cupid's stray arrows!

Visit each of the parks listed below to find all of Cupid's arrows. Unscramble the words found on each arrow to reveal the answer to a Valentine's joke at each park. 

Dates: February 8-15
Cost: FREE
Ages: All

Bees Landing Recreation Center (West Ashley) - 7 arrows
What did one cat say to the other cat on Valentine's Day? 

Governors Park (Daniel Island) - 6 arrows
What did the calculator say to the pencil on Valentine's Day? 

Hazel Parker Playground (Downtown) - 6 arrows
What did the baker say to his sweetheart? 

James Island Recreation Complex (James Island) - 7 arrows
What did the cucumber say to the pickle on Valentine's Day?

*Families are invited to participate at their convenience in this self-led activity. Arrows in the parks will be removed on Tuesday, February 16.