Mayor's Mentoring Consortium

"One in three young people will grow up without a mentor outside their family. This is the mentoring gap in America." MENTOR

The Mayor's Mentoring Consortium (MMC) exists to provide a mechanism for the City of Charleston and other partners to strengthen and support the mentoring organizations of the greater Charleston community. Any organization engaged in mentoring as central to their mission is welcome and encouraged to connect with City staff to join the MMC, as well as funding organizations and other entities offering support. The goal is to provide space for collaboration and partnership and to respond to the needs of the mentoring community. 

The MMC was created in January 2021 by Mayor Tecklenburg as a result of his seeing the need of too many youth in our community for the assistance and support of a caring adult.  Understanding the power of a positive mentor, Mayor Tecklenburg pressed to create the MMC to better respond to this need.

Youth in Charleston are in need of mentorship- the document below contains information on local programs that you can connect with today!  Mentoring comes in many forms, group mentoring, one-to-one mentoring, in-school mentoring, out of school mentoring, coaching, etc.  Consider signing up today!

MMC Mentoring Opportunities 2023

 For more information, contact Mindy Sturm at 843-965-4190, or by email at