Special Parking District Overlay (King Street)

The City is proposing a special parking district overlay ordinance that would eliminate off-street parking requirements for existing buildings along middle and lower King Street (from Calhoun St to Broad St). The intent of the ordinance is  to help facilitate the occupancy of these buildings and strengthen the City's central business district.  The ordinance changes will permit new and existing businesses to obtain approvals to open or expand without providing off-street parking. 

Proposed Special Parking District Overlay Ordinance w/ Map (May 2021)

The proposed parking changes were piloted with a six-month emergency/temporary ordinance that City Council approved in January 2021.  Parking policy changes are recommended in the Charleston Comprehensive Parking Study (2019) and analyses indicate that  middle and lower King are within close walking proximity to numerous available parking facilities.  City staff and Council Members are sharing information about the proposed ordinance with neighborhoods and businesses. 

Ordinance Approval Timeline:

  • 5/25/21 - City Council 1st reading  (agenda link)
  • 6/16/21 - Planning Commission public hearing (agenda link)
  • 7/20/21 - City Council public hearing, 2nd/3rd reading (agenda link)


Please contact  the Planning Department at 843-724-3765 or by email.