Project Updates

Given the history of augmentation and alteration in the watershed, no single action or installation of a nature-based practice will resolve the flooding. Instead, a holistic, basin-wide suite of practices will be required. These include adherence to the new stormwater regulations for new development, increased water storage in the mid and upper sections of the watershed, flood-prevention improvements to stormwater pond management, and homeowner retrofits to increase water infiltration. The city is actively pursuing each of these solutions.

So far the city has spent $4,196,476 to construct improvements and monitor the effect of stormwater runoff from new development so that it does not adversely affect existing development. Determined to continue to alleviate the drainage challenges in this basin, the City of Charleston is continuing to update the existing ICPR model, review proposed development designs to ensure adherence to the strict stormwater design standards for the basin, maintain the existing collection and conveyance system, and seek out additional capital improvement projects to improve drainage. 

As of the summer of 2021, the city has completed preliminary engineering and design on three sites that offer opportunities to reduce flood risk: the Bridge Pointe Town Homes, city-owned property near Wolk Drive and Mowler Court, and Crosstowne Church.