What Should You Do If You Think Your Fee Was Calculated Incorrectly?

If you feel that your fee has been determined incorrectly you should contact the Engineering Division of the City of Charleston and request a copy of the billing information on record for your property. 

This will be provided to you at no cost.

If you have questions regarding how your bill was determined, you may call the Engineering office or schedule an appointment with a staff member who will be able to explain your bill to you. 

If you still feel that your bill is in error, you must complete the attached form and request a review of your fee and send it to:

City of Charleston

Dept. of Stormwater Mgmt.

2 George St., Suite 2100

Charleston, SC 29401

Upon receipt of your request we will review our records and take additional measurements of your property as necessary to determine the correct billing amount. 

This review will be completed within thirty days of receipt of your application. If you have been billed in error any fees received over the correct billing amount will be refunded to you. 

Please note that all bills must be paid and current in order for a stormwater fee review to be completed. 

For all stormwater fee reviews requested before February 28, 1996 that result in a lower monthly bill to the customer the adjustments will be retroactive to the date that the fee was assigned as long as the City Engineer is reasonably certain that the conditions that result in the adjustment were in effect when the fee was assigned. 

If a stormwater fee is requested after February 28, 1996 and it results in a lower monthly bill to the customer the adjustment will be made to the next full monthly bill.

Non-residential properties that maintain on-site stormwater facilities and meet certain minimum standards may be eligible for a credit to the assigned stormwater fee. 

You may request information regarding this program from the City of Charleston Engineering Division or the Stormwater Services Section. 

  1. Gerlita Glover

    Stormwater Administrative Assistant

  2. Stormwater Management

    Physical Address
    2 George St
    Suite 2100
    Charleston, SC 29401

    Mailing Address

    Charleston, SC 29402