Comprehensive, Integrated Water Plan (CWIP)

What is the Water Plan?

A Proactive, Aspirational & Achievable Vision for the City to Embrace Its Relationship with Water

The Water Plan seeks to:

- Manage flood risks from tides, sea level rise, stormwater, storm surge & groundwater
- Guide development to protect ecologically sensitive areas
- Embrace the City's historic character and identity around water


Building on the City's many plans and ongoing efforts, the Water Plan will develop strategies, projects, and policies to address increasing and dynamic flood risks from high tides, sea level rise, stormwater, storm surge, and groundwater within the Urban Growth Boundary.  All recommendations will strive to improve the health and quality of the City's waterways.  The Plan will seek opportunities to leverage flood mitigation and adaptation for multiple benefits over a 25-year planning horizon, with guidance for adaptive management to address long-term trends.  The Plan will utilize the City's 14" inch projection of sea level rise by 2050 as it's base for mapping future flooding and tidal conditions in the City.  The Water Plan will aid City staff, City Council, stakeholders and citizens to understand, plan for, prioritize, manage and adapt to current and future compound flood risks across all City neighborhoods, main drainage basins, and floodplains.


The City of Charleston selected a team of engineers, architects, landscape architects, and ecologists to develop the plan.  Black & Veatch's Charleston office serves as prime consultant and civil engineering lead.  Waggonner & Ball, leaders of Dutch Dialogues Charleston, leads overall Water Plan development and urban design.  Moffatt & Nichol leads coastal risk mitigation and engineering, and Biohabitats leads nature-based design.  Deltares USA is leading the Plan's groundwater research.


The Water Plan began in September 2022 and is slated for completion in March 2024.


Dale Morris, Chief Resilience Officer, City of Charleston
(843) 817-7854