Down 2 Business Tour

Tiger Lily Florist - Spring Street, Downtown Charleston

Mayor Meets With Tiger Lily Florist

About The Initiative

  • During a Down 2 Business Tour, the Mayor and city staff meet one-on-one with local small business owners throughout the community to discuss their successes, their needs and how best the city can support their goals.
  • At each stop, staff works with owners to schedule service for needed maintenance, such as sidewalk repairs, graffiti removal and signage repairs, and helps owners navigate city processes, like reporting a streetlight outage or applying for an encroachment permit.
  • The Down 2 Business Tour was developed as a hybrid of the city’s Off the Record & Maintenance Walk programs, which were created by Mayor Tecklenburg with the goal of maintaining close ties to the city’s local business community and responding to their needs efficiently.

How We Select Participants

  • The city’s Business Services Division works with small local businesses located along the selected commercial corridor to plan and schedule these tours. Businesses in a variety of stages participate, ranging from brand new to 15+ years in operation.
  • The tours feature a variety of businesses, including restaurants, barber shops, offices, fitness studios, retail, and more. Different types of businesses often have different needs, so this gives the mayor and city staff an opportunity to learn about various challenges and successes business owners face and to respond effectively.

How Often It Happens

Down 2 Business Tours occur every quarter, rotating through different areas of the city and commercial corridors.

2023 Locations

  • Charleston Peninsula - Spring Street
  • Johns Island - Maybank Highway
  • West Ashley - Sam Rittenberg Boulevard

2024 Tour Plans are on the way!

Lowtide Brewing - Maybank Highway, Johns Island

The Mayor meeting with Lowtide Brewery

West Ashley - Sam Rittenberg Boulevard

Mayor Tecklenburg and city staff recently visited West Ashley for their Down 2 Business Tour along Sam Rittenberg Boulevard with: 

During the one-on-one business visits, the mayor and city staff discussed business growth opportunities, made maintenance requests for potholes with SCDOT, and connected business owners with additional resources the city offers.  

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D2B Spring Street 2023
  1. Jeremy Coburn

    Project Assistant

  1. Christina Auth

    Business Services Manager