Restaurant Advisory Group

What is the Restaurant Advisory Group (RAG)? 

The RAG initially began during COVID-19, as a way for the city and our restaurant community to come together and guide COVID protocols and reopening actions that would benefit the industry as a whole. 


Today, the RAG is a regular opportunity for our local restaurant community to stay connected with the city and support each other. 

Quarterly RAG meetings include:

  • General City News (such as relevant ordinance updates including: changes to the Late Night Entertainment ordinance and  single-use plastics ordinances)   
  • Charleston Police Department Updates
  • Presentations
  • Open Discussion

RAG Meeting Interest Form

This group is open to small local restaurant owners and management staff.

Complete our RAG Interest Form in order to receive quarterly RAG meeting invites.


Restaurant Resources:

Previous Presentations:

  1. Christina Auth

    Business Services Manager