Departmental Teams

Muster.jpgThere is a team for each area of responsibility within the Department. The locations are the physical substations of the teams and are not staffed 24/7. All mail should be addressed to:
180 Lockwood Boulevard
Charleston, SC 29403



  1. Patrol Team 1 (N of Calhoun)

Team 1 (2).jpgPatrol Team One serves the area of the Peninsula City on a line north of Calhoun Street to the North Charleston city line between the Cooper River and the Ashley River.

Contact Information

Lieutenant Shylah Murray

  1. Patrol Team 2 (S of Calhoun)
  1. Patrol Team 3 (James/Johns)
  1. Patrol Team 4 (West Ashley)
  1. Patrol Team 5 (Daniel Island)
  1. Team 6 (Schools)
  1. Team 7 (Traffic)
  1. Team 8 (Investigations)
  1. Team 9 (Central Business District)
  1. Team 12 (Community Outreach)