Explosive Devices Unit

The Explosive Devices Team is a specially trained unit established to handle all explosive related incidents, conduct preventative sweeps for dignitary visitors and special events, recovery of military ordinance, respond to calls for suspected and/or actual improvised explosive devices as well as suspicious packages, and assist other special units with specialized equipment.


Assignment to the Explosive Devices Team is a collateral duty to each member's regular duty within the Department. All members that become a certified Bomb Technician must complete a Hazmat Responders course that meets 29 CFR 1910.120(q)(6)(iii) as well as attends the six week Bomb Technician course hosted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Huntsville, Alabama at Hazardous Devices School. This is the only public safety and law enforcement training center in the United States to offer this certification.

Explosive Devices Team

The Explosive Devices Team is made up of two Certified Bomb Technicians, two Explosive Detection K-9 handlers with certified Explosive Detection K-9 and six Apprentice Bomb Technicians. The Explosive Detection K-9's are certified yearly by the North American Police Working Dog Association. Bomb Technicians return to Hazardous Devices School every three years for re-certification after initial attendance and graduation. All Explosive Devices Team members are scheduled for sixteen hours of training each month to remain proficient.

Additional Duties

The Explosive Devices Team assists the SWAT and Hostage Negotiation Teams with calls by offering specialized equipment such as the Andros F6A Robot. The Team also assists neighboring jurisdictions with the same types of calls covered in our jurisdiction.