Deputy Chiefs

Deputy Chief Chito Walker

DC Walker

Deputy Chief Chito Walker is a native of Greenville, SC, and began his professional law enforcement career with the Charleston Police Department in 2000. He was promoted to the rank of Deputy Chief in March 2020 and currently serves as the Commander of the Procedural Justice and Community Policing Bureau.   

During his tenure, Deputy Chief Walker served in various capacities within the Charleston Police Department to include patrolman in Team 4 and Safe Streets Unit, detective in Special Investigations Unit, and operator/marksman on the SWAT Team. As a sergeant, he served as patrol supervisor and administrative sergeant in Team 4, and Team Leader of SWAT. 

His previous command duties are as follows:

*2012-2012 – Lieutenant / Command Duty Officer

*2012-2015 - Lieutenant/Commander West Ashley Patrol Team

*2015-2016 - Lieutenant/Commander Central Investigations Property Crime Unit

*2016-2018 - Captain/ Division Commander West Patrol & Special Operations 

*2018-2020 - Captain/ Division Commander Professional Standards (Internal Affairs/Professional Development & Training/Accreditation/Recruitment & Retention) 
*2020-2021 - Deputy Chief/Commander Operations Bureau

Deputy Chief Walker holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from South Carolina State University and a Masters of Arts Degree in Management from Webster University. Additionally, he is a graduate of the 260th session of the FBI National Academy, the 5th session of the Department of Homeland Security Leadership Academy, and the South Carolina Command College. He also has had the privilege of attending numerous training courses in tactics, investigations and leadership throughout his professional career.


Deputy Chief Walker is a distinguished member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and also holds professional affiliations with the FBINA Association; the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE); the National Tactical Officer Association (NTOA) and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge Number 5.


Deputy Chief Jack Weiss
DC Weiss

Deputy Chief Jack Weiss moved to South Carolina in 1993, to attend Charleston Southern University. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts as a History Major and Sociology Minor, in May 1997. Deputy Chief Weiss became part of the First Police Corps Class, which was held in Baltimore Maryland, in August 1997.

After graduating from the Police Corps in December 1997, he joined the Charleston Police Department in December 1997. Over his time with CPD he worked in Team 2 Patrol for the first four years, and two and a half of those as a Field Training Officer. In 2002, he transferred to the Safe Streets Unit in Special Operations and became a member of the Explosive Devices Team. While in Safe Streets he was promoted to Private First Class and Corporal. In 2005, Deputy Chief Weiss became the Supervisor of the Tactical Unit, also under Special Operations. In 2007 he transferred to Team 1 as a Patrol Supervisor. In 2008, Deputy Chief Weiss was promoted to the Rank of Sergeant and became the Bomb Squad Commander over the Explosive Devices Team. In 2009 he was transferred to Central Investigation Property Crimes as the Burglary Supervisor. He remained in Burglary as a Supervisor until 2011, when he was promoted to Lieutenant and became a Command Duty Officer. In April 2012, Deputy Chief Weiss transferred to the Central Investigations Unit where he served as the Commander of the Crimes Against Persons Unit. In September 2016, Deputy Chief Weiss was promoted to his captain and made the Division Commander of Central Investigations. He stepped down as the Explosive Devices Team Commander at that time. From October through December 2016 he attended the 266th Session of the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Deputy Chief Weiss was transferred to the Uniform Patrol Division in May 2019 where he served as the Division Commander. Deputy Chief Weiss was promoted to his current rank in April 2021 and currently serves as the Investigations Bureau Commander.


Deputy Chief Dustin Thompson

DC Thompson

Deputy Chief Dustin Thompson
 graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. Deputy Chief Thompson completed the SC Criminal Justice Academy in 2002 and started with the Department assigned to patrol West Ashley in Team 4.  In 2005, Deputy Chief Thompson joined the Department’s Harbor Patrol Unit assisting the Department of Homeland Security securing the Port of Charleston and participating in numerous water and land rescues. In 2007, Deputy Chief Thompson joined the Department’s Traffic Division serving both in traffic and DUI enforcement as well as the Department’s fatal accident investigative team.  In 2009, he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant serving in Team’s 2 and 3 as a patrol sergeant. His assignment’s as a sergeant included the administrative sergeants in both Team 3 and the Burglary Unit of the Central Investigations Division.  Deputy Chief Thompson was promoted to lieutenant in 2016 and served as the midnight shift Command Duty Officer and the Crimes Against Persons Commander in the Central Investigations Division.  Following his promotion to Captain in 2019, he was assigned as the Division Commander for the Office of Community Oriented Policing. In April 2021, Deputy Chief Thompson was promoted to his current rank and currently serves as the Operations Bureau Commander.