10,000 Trees For Charleston

Program Overview

In 2012, Former Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr. announced the City's goal of planting 10,000 new trees. In support of this ambitious and worthy goal, a volunteer commission formed, 10,000 Trees for Charleston. The members worked to support the City's goal of planting 10,000 new trees and raised funds for tree plantings along public areas that would not otherwise be planted through regular City projects. The 10,000 Trees for Charleston commission focused their efforts on major corridors leading into and out of Charleston, enhancing the streetscape, livability, and beauty of the City. 

The group worked in coordination with City of Charleston staff, local utility companies, the SCDOT, landscape architects, and passionate community members to ensure that the right trees were planted in the right locations. The commission was led by Chairman Jimmy Bailey, a dedicated and motivated community member. View a printable list of all the Committee Members (PDF).


Tree plantings through 10,000 Trees for Charleston were possible thanks to community and corporate donations, in-kind support, and grants. Donations were used to fund new trees and the associated maintenance and watering they require.

Numerous trees were sponsored in honor or memory of friends, family, anniversaries, employees, or community members. Though each tree costs approximately $450 to purchase, plant, and maintain, trees are the gift that keeps on giving, providing shade to our roadways and beautifying our community.

Thank you to all of the sponsors (PDF) who provided support for this program!