Sustainability & Climate Action Plan

UPDATE!  In January 2020 the City began a new greenhouse gas inventory for the year 2018.  This is the first step in the climate action planning process and the data will be used to inform a new Climate Action Plan (CAP), which will start in summer 2020.  The new CAP will draw inspiration from the 2010 Charleston Green Plan, which had tremendous community input and interest.  Drafts of the CAP will be reviewed in the public setting of the Resiliency and Sustainability Advisory Committee and will need the committee’s approval prior to being presented to City Council.    

2010 Charleston Green Plan: A Roadmap to Sustainability

On February 23rd, 2010 City Council received the Charleston Green Plan. They also created the current Resiliency and Sustainability Advisory Committee (PDF) to oversee initiatives where ordinances or funding are involved.

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Charleston’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan addresses the following topics:

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