Stormwater Management


2 George St
Suite 2100
Charleston, SC 29401

Charleston, SC 29402

We deal with deep water. 
Name Title Email Phone
Fountain PE, PG, Matthew Director of Stormwater Management 843-724-3754
Gdovicak, Aaron Technician 843-724-7188
Holton, Kinsey Program Manager 843-724-3757
Julka, CFM, Stephen M. Floodplain Manager 843-724-3760
Kirk, PE, Steven A. Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-579-7682
Mitchell, Annie Stormwater Program Administrative Assistant 843-724-3761
Moore-Grzybowski, Tamika Department Administrative Assistant 843-724-3754
Wright, Maria Drafting Technician 843-724-5016
Monroe, Stephanie Assistant Superintendent 843-724-3701
Newham, Frank Senior Engineering Project Manager 843-724-3713
Dews, Ryan Stormwater Superintendent Maintenance 843-724-7317
Tous, Barbara Stormwater Utility Billing 843-724-3798
Moore Grzybowski, Tamika Stormwater Department Assistant 843-724-3754
Green , Joe Civil Engineer 843-724-3780
Rush, Kenneth Stormwater Field Technician 8435796412
Smith, Jacob Floodplain Management Technician 8435796481
Day, Mary Stormwater Maintenance Administrative Assistant 8439654129
Cirifalco, Luigi Assistant Superintendent 8439737293