What permits or approvals are required to open a restaurant?

A Business License Certificate of Occupancy is required for all restaurants that are located within City limits. Applications can be obtained online or from the Revenue Collections – Business License Office which is located in the Permit Center at 2 George Street. External approvals that may be required to open a restaurant include: Any business serving food requires a Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) permit and inspection. Contact the SCDHEC Food Protection Division at (803) 896-0640 or online. A license from the state of South Carolina is required if you intend to sell or serve alcoholic beverages. Contact South Carolina Department of Revenue’s Alcohol Beverage Licensing Division at (803)898-5864. Charleston Water Systems (CWS) requires the installation of a grease trap for all businesses that prepare food. CWS will determine the size needed for your establishment. CWS also requires payment of impact fees. Fees are assessed based on the number of patron seating. Please contact CWS at WasteWaterInspectors@charlestoncpw.com

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