How do I dispose of syringes or other sharp items (i.e. – sharps)?
Sharp items or sharps are any discarded article that may compromise intact skin by causing punctures or cuts, including but not limited to, needles, syringes, Pasteur pipettes, lancets, broken glass, razor blades and scalpel blades. Sharps shall be disposed of in accordance with South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control's (SCDHEC) recommended procedures for syringe and sharp disposal.

All sharps shall be placed in an empty bleach, detergent, or other hard plastic or metal bottle or container and labeled with either a premade label that can be obtained for free from SCDHEC or the City of Charleston Environmental Services, or a homemade label with at least three-eighths-inch lettering stating: "WARNING: NEEDLES!" The bottle should then be placed in the garbage container at the top so it is clearly visible to collection crews.

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