What are the bicycle rack and parking rules?

The ordinance prohibits parking or locking a bicycle to:

  • Meters
  • Stop Signs
  • Street Lights
  • Street Trees
  • Other legal encroachments on the sidewalk of King Street between Spring Street and Market Street

Parking bicycles in such a manner impede the public right of way creating a safety hazard for pedestrians and can block or impede the ingress and egress of public and private property.


Bicycles that are in violation of this ordinance will be removed and transported to the Charleston Police Department. A storage fee of forty-five dollars will be required to recover a bicycle removed under the ordinance. This ordinance is intended to create a safer and more vibrant King Street business district.

Parking Spaces

The City has installed over 100 public bike parking spaces, including five new bike corrals, on King Street between Calhoun and Spring Streets to accommodate public bicycle parking in a safe and convenient manner.

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