Tell me more about the Field Inspection Report, is it easy to fill out?

Yes, the "Field Inspection Report" is simple and mobile device friendly!Mobile Phone image showing where to click to Send Field Report

Submitting a Field Inspection Report after you inspect and/or service your adopted drain helps us monitor the success of the program and identify how often drains need to be cleaned and where the cleaned drains are located.  

Submitting a report is easy, and you can do it from your favorite mobile device.  In the web portal, simply click on your adopted drain and then click on the button titled "Send Field Report".  

The Field Inspection Report will pre-populate with your Official Drain Identification Number and you simply fill out the date and indicate whether you serviced the drain or if it was already clear upon your inspection.  (you will need to be signed in to your account)

Please upload photos of your drain!  Include "before" and "after" pictures to highlight your efforts!

Field Inspection Report Example

snippet of field report

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11. Tell me more about the Field Inspection Report, is it easy to fill out?
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