How do I access the web portal on my mobile device?

There are three ways to easily access the Adopt-a-Drain web portal on your mobile device.

  1. OPTION A:  Download the City of Charleston mobile app from your app store.  The web portal is located in the "maps" section.  
  2. OPTION B:  Bookmark the page on your favorite browser.
  3. OPTION C:  Add the web portal to the home screen on your mobile device, instructions on how to do this for both Apple and Android devices are below:

On Apple devices, click the share button, then scroll the bottom reel, past the Copy, Print options and select the + button that says ‘Add to Home Screen’.

apple phone

On Android devices, click the ‘more’ button, then select the ‘Add to Home Screen’ option.

android phone

or visit: 

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6. How do I access the web portal on my mobile device?
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