How does it work?

Users can purchase different levels of membership online or via the SoBi mobile app on a smartphone.

Once registered, a rider can access the map of hubs which will indicate how many bikes are available at each hub. Users can simply walk up to a bike to use it or reserve a bike in advance using the mobile app. The booking time is 15 minutes. To unlock a bike, simply enter your 6-digit account number and 4 digit pin code onto the keypad on the back of a bike. This will unlock the bike and you are ready to ride.

When you arrive at your destination, return and lock the bike at a designated Holy Spokes station. The bike is now available for others to use. Always end your ride within the system area. Please note riders should always end their trip within the system area and the bike must always be securely locked to a fixed object when locking a bike or putting it on hold.

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1. What is bike share?
2. Where are the stations located?
3. How does it work?
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