How is this different from the yellow bike program?

In 1996, a private bike share program was launched in Charleston. Unfortunately, theft became an immediate issue as users did not lock their bikes when finished riding. 11 years later, bike share has evolved and now incorporates the smart bike. Gotcha Bike, owner and operator of Holy Spokes, designed a Global Positioning System integrated smart bike specifically intended for bike share.

Gotcha is able to track all of the bikes at all times and they cannot be unlocked without a registered user’s personal identification number code and account number.

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1. What is bike share?
2. Where are the stations located?
3. How does it work?
4. What is the system area?
5. What is a "Locked Out of Hub" fee?
6. What is an "Out of System" fee?
7. What does it cost?
8. Can I lock the bike out of hub for a quick stop?
9. How is this different from the yellow bike program?
10. Do I need a smart phone?
11. Can I rent more than one bike at a time?
12. Is there a minimum age?
13. How is this different than renting bikes?
14. Is bike share for me?