Is bike share for me?

Yes, whether you are a Charleston local who commutes all too often, a frequent visitor, or just in town for the day, Holy Spokes is perfect for you. With our 27 convenient locations across the peninsula, you can spend a day riding around town and indulging in Charleston’s beautiful scenery, use it to commute or to hop around town.

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1. What is bike share?
2. Where are the stations located?
3. How does it work?
4. What is the system area?
5. What is a "Locked Out of Hub" fee?
6. What is an "Out of System" fee?
7. What does it cost?
8. Can I lock the bike out of hub for a quick stop?
9. How is this different from the yellow bike program?
10. Do I need a smart phone?
11. Can I rent more than one bike at a time?
12. Is there a minimum age?
13. How is this different than renting bikes?
14. Is bike share for me?