Employee Handbook

The Employee Handbook is intended to educate new employees and serve as a resource to current employees. It contains information on personnel rules, policies, procedures, services, benefits and more. View the Employee Handbook by clicking the below link.

Disclaimer: This Is Not a Contract

Employees of the city of Charleston are employed at will. That means that either the employee or the city may end employment at any time and for any reason. Nothing in the city's handbooks, manual, policies, rules or other written documents creates any contract of employment. Current or past policies, practices or procedures do not include a promise or contract that those policies, practices or procedures will continue in the future. Any and all policies, practices or procedures may be changed by the city from time to time. Oral or written assurances and/or representations of the city and/or its managers, supervisors or agents do not form a contract of employment unless (1) the terms are in writing and include the duration or term of the contract; (2) the writing or document is labeled "contract of employment"; and (3) the document is signed by the city's mayor or chief financial officer.

I agree by clicking on this link that I have received and have access to the electronic copy of the City's handbook, that I have read the disclaimer above, and that I understand that this is not a contract of employment (PDF).