Open Data

On Tuesday, January 26, 2021 Charleston City Council adopted an open data policy to memorialize our commitment to an open and transparent government.

What data is available?

Since the adoption of the city's Open Data Policy, the city's Open Data Management team has been annually updating a city data inventory.  Not all datasets are published, but the team is actively working to publish all datasets that do not contain sensitive or protected data.

Where can I get the data?

The city actively maintain two data portals.  One specifically for policing data and a data portal for all the other city departments.  Both portals provide users with the ability to view the data, download the data in a variety of formats, or consume the data via API to be consumed in external applications or dashboards.

How can I get assistance?

The Innovation Office has posted some help and video tutorials to help users navigate the portals and use open data.  Still can't find what you're looking for?  Send a request or question via the Citizen Services Desk or drop us an email at