Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Crime Prevention 

The Crime Prevention Unit works to educate the public on matters of Crime Prevention and Safety through the media, public speaking engagements, website, and direct communications with more than hundred-and-fifty neighborhood associations and apartment communities. To receive periodic Crime Prevention messages go to Notify Me and register to receive both "Team Area" and "General" messages.


View the list of documents on this webpage for helpful tips and advice on many aspects of Crime Prevention and Safety.

StaffingSC State Association of Crime Prevention OfficersSouth Carolina State Association of Crime Prevention Officers

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Community Outreach Office is staffed by Senior Police Officers Brogan and Gilliard. 

Educating the Public

The Crime Prevention Unit is tasked with educating the public to recognize their risk of crime, advising them what measures can be taken to reduce their risks and motivating citizens to enact those measures.

Making It Difficult for a Planned Crime

Crime Prevention Officers encourage "Hardening-the-Target," which means to enact measures to make it difficult for a criminal to commit his planned crime. Target Hardening is meant to discourage or deter a would-be robber, burglar, or thief by increasing his risk of being seen, heard, or caught during or after the crime. This can be done by individual citizens, as a group of neighbors, as a business, or as a whole community.

Information & Services

The Crime Prevention Unit approaches these tasks by offering free information and services. These include residential and business security surveys, attendance to public events, and public speaking engagements for youth, adults, neighborhoods, and businesses. The Law Enforcement Explorer Post also assists in these endeavors.


Services of the Crime Prevention office are free of charge but are subject to availability. Two- to three-weeks notice is requested for public events, neighborhood meetings, and other "after-hours" functions. Security Surveys are arranged as needed. The following services are provided by the Crime Prevention office:

  • Neighborhood / Apartment Crime Advisories: Through phone-calls, email, neighborhood presidents and complex managers are kept abreast of recent crime incidents and trends. There are over 100 neighborhoods and 50 complexes currently receiving information. Contact your neighborhood association or manager about receiving this information, or call this office. ("Notify Me")
  • Neighborhood Crime Watch: The Crime Prevention office assists neighborhoods in starting and maintaining their Crime Watch programs. See that section of the website for more information.
  • Public Events: CPS and other staff can attend/speak at public events. Upon request, we can bring various Department vehicles, booths relating to Crime Prevention / Safety, and "McGruff the Crime Dog."
  • Security Survey: This comprehensive risk assessment is offered to both individual residents and business owners/managers. Done by appointment, the CPS will meet with the property owner and point out risk factors - ranging from money handling procedures and personnel issues to physical security weaknesses - and will make written recommendations to reduce those risks.
  • Tours of Police Headquarters / Facilities: Primarily offered to citizens’ groups, Scout programs, and small school groups, subject to availability.


Daytime or evening presentations can be arranged by calling 843-769-7407, 3 to 4 weeks ahead of your meeting date. The presentations listed here are given in person by the Crime Prevention Specialist or a designee, subject to availability.

This list reflects presentations already researched and developed. They may be modified to suit your group’s concerns or for time. If you have an idea or request for a topic not listed, call or email this office. The list is as follows:

Adult Group Presentation Topics (30 to 60-Minute Length)

  • Neighborhood/Apartment Crime Watch
  • General Crime Prevention (Burglary, Auto-Theft, Personal Safety) Identity Theft/Fraud
  • Senior Safety
  • Teaching Safety to your Children

Business Group Presentation Topics (30 Minutes to 2 Hours in Length)

  • Armed Robbery Prevention and Survival
  • Employee Integrity/Safety (Retail and In-Home Service Providers)
  • Identity Theft and Internet Safety Concerns
  • Operation Identification (Proper Inventory/Marking)
  • Retail Crime Prevention (Employee Information) 
  • Retail Crime Prevention (Management Information) 
  • Surviving an Active Shooter Encounter

Youth 12 to 20 Years Presentation Topics

  • Career Day Presentation
  • Computer/Internet Safety
  • Crime Prevention (General) Personal Safety
  • Drug / Alcohol Awareness
  • Gang Awareness
  • Gun Awareness/Safety
  • Traffic Safety

Boy Scout Merit Badges

  • "Crime Prevention"
  • "Fingerprinting"
  • "Traffic Safety"

Children 3 to 12 Years (20 to 60 Minutes Length)

  • 911 Demonstration
  • Avoiding Strangers/Predators
  • Drug / Alcohol Awareness
  • Gun Dangers
  • Lost - Finding Help
  • Meet an Officer / Police Car Visit
  • Traffic/Bike Safety

Citizen Satisfaction & Safety Survey

The Charleston Police Department invites citizens who had contact with a Charleston Police Department employee within the past year to participate in this survey. The survey asks about your views and experiences with the police.

The purpose of this survey is to assist us in our efforts to continually improve our services to the community.


All responses are confidential and no responses will be individually identified. Your responses will be confidential and used only for research purposes.

Select answers based upon your own experiences and perceptions. Please also respond to the open-ended question.