Qualification Process

Effective July 1, 2016, a Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Contractor (KEIC) working in the City of Charleston must demonstrate they are qualified to perform this work and obtain a permit to operate in the City. 

Basic Application Process Includes

  1. Submit the Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Contractor application (PDF)and all of the associated supporting documentation specified on the application. A sample inspection form (PDF)(Word document) is available for review or use.
  2. Contractors utilizing "Option B" on the application will need to include an affidavit of experience (PDF).  This option will not be available after 12/31/2023. 
  3. All applications must be sent to the permit center at 2 George Street.
  4. Applications are typically reviewed within 10 business days.
  5. The contractor will be contacted regarding any additional questions, documentation, and to schedule an inspection of the hood cleaning equipment.
  6. Contractors that are deemed qualified will be issued a permit. The permit must be renewed on or before March 1st of the following year. Permits are subject to revocation or suspension.
  7. A list of qualified contractors will be published and made available to the public.

Expectations of the KEIC Include

  1. Crews working in the field shall retail a copy of the current permit issued to the company.
  2. Systems shall be inspected and cleaned in accordance with ICC codes, NFPA 96, and ANSI/IKECA C-10.
  3. The complete interior of system(s) listed shall be cleaned to bare metal.
  4. Contractors shall retain reports, photos, and associated documents for not less than three years.
  5. Contractors shall provide the facility with inspection reports upon completion of the inspection/cleaning.
  6. Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Reports must contain all of the information outlined within ANSI/IKECA C-10.
  7. Service stickers must be "punched", contain all required information, and will be placed on each hood.
  8. Deficiency reports will be submitted within 2 business days, compliant reports will be submitted weekly, by:
    1. Email to Kitchen Exhaust Inspection Contractor
    2. Upload via the web portal