Program Overview

In accordance with the IFC, our office requires all general contractors to implement emergency and safety programs to improve employee and site safety as well as improve fire department access. We recommend a pre-fire plan that would incorporate the following:

  • Fire Department information: Including fire department access routes, utility shut off locations, standpipe description and access, sprinkler system description and access, identifiable hazards, emergency contacts, a building description, location of stairways, and a designated fire prevention program superintendent.
  • Maintenance Reports: Fire extinguishers, fire department access routes, sprinkler and suppression system inspection records.
  • Training: Site specific to include sounding of fire warning devices, controlling or confining a fire, notifying the fire department, and operating fire extinguishers.
  • Site Specific details: Shall include storage methods for commodities and dangerous goods, fire separation for partly occupied buildings and reference reports.

The Charleston Fire Department is ready to assist you with preventing and responding to emergencies associated with your construction site.