Unified Sports & Programs

Mark Your Calendars!

Winter/Spring Unified Sports

  • Unified Basketball
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Cheerleading

Winter/Spring Unified Programs

  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified Gymnastics for All
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified C.A.S.T.
  • Unified Social Outings
  • Unified Book & Social Club

Summer Unified Programs

  • Unified Fun For ALL Camp 
    • Under 18
    • Over 18
  • Unified Summer Sports Sampler

Fall Unified Sports

  • Unified Tennis
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Golf

Fall Unified Programs

  • Unified Dance
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified Gymnastics
  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified C.A.S.T.

Year-Round Unified Programs

  • Unified Dinner and A Movie Nights
  • Unified Day Trips
  • Unified Dances


Everyone loves BINGO! 🔴🔵🟡🟢

Therapeutic recreation families are invited to join us on Friday, April 16 at 6:30pm for Bingo at St. Julian Devine. Pizza and safe social time will be available for the in-person event.

We will also be offering this event virtually if you prefer to play from home. All virtual players will receive a Zoom link to video-call in, as well as a virtual Bingo board that you can print at home!

Pre-Registration is REQUIRED as space is limited. Register online at rectrac.charleston-sc.gov with activity #530033. For assistance with registration, please call 843-958-6485.

LocationDateTimeAgesCostActivity Number
St. Julian Devine Community CenterApril 166:30pmAllFree530033