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Unified Sports

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Taylor O'Connor

Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Phone: (843)724-7397
Email: oconnort@charleston-sc.gov

Mark Your Calendars!

Winter/Spring Unified Sports

  • Unified Basketball
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Cheerleading

Winter/Spring Unified Programs

  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified Gymnastics for All
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified C.A.S.T.
  • Unified Social Outings
  • Unified Book & Social Club

Summer Unified Programs

  • Unified Fun For ALL Camp 
    • Under 18
    • Over 18
  • Unified Summer Sports Sampler

Fall Unified Sports

  • Unified Tennis
  • Unified Swimming
  • Unified Golf

Fall Unified Programs

  • Unified Dance
  • Unified Pottery
  • Unified Gymnastics
  • Unified Cooking
  • Unified C.A.S.T.

Year-Round Unified Programs

  • Unified Dinner and A Movie Nights
  • Unified Day Trips
  • Unified Dances

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers Therapeutics Recreation 2022

If you're interested in volunteering with our therapeutic recreation programs please call (843)958-6485 to find out more information!

Spring Sports

Registration is NOW OPEN! Registration is REQUIRED for all sports and can be done online at rectrac.charleston-sc.gov. For assistance with registration or questions, email oconnort@charleston-sc.gov or call 843-958-6485.

Unified Basketball

Participants will learn the basics of basketball, including ball handling, shooting, rebounding, passing, catching and dribbling. Athletes will have the opportunity to compete in the City of Charleston local basketball tournament. All abilities are welcome! 

*Location: Ravenel Gym (721 Wappoo Road, West Ashley)

LocationDateTimeAgesCostActivity Number
Ravenel GymFebruary 7-April 45:30pm-6:30pm8+$30130500

Unified Cheerleading

Cheerleaders will have the opportunity to cheer for the Swamp Fox basketball team and compete in a Special Olympics competition. 

*Location: Ravenel Gym (721 Wappoo Road, West Ashley)

LocationDateTimeAgesCostActivity Number
Ravenel GymFebruary 7-April 45:30pm-6:30pm8+$30430400

Unified Swim Night

This is a fun swim season. Athletes will practice swimming techniques in a non-competitive environment on Thursday evenings. Athletes must be able to swim independently.

LocationDateTimeAgesCostActivity Number
Martin Luther King Jr. Pool (downtown)March 9-May 116:45pm-7:30pm8+$30530071


Unified Archery

Come out to Daniel Island to learn the basic archery skills, how to use a bow and arrow and other related techniques with our practice equipment. 

LocationDateTimeAgesCostActivity Number
Daniel Island Recreation CenterMay 2-236-7pm16+$30430459