Huger Street and King Street Drainage Improvements

The intersection of Huger Street and King Street has been subjected flooding for years after major rainfall events. This flooding has prevented passage of vehicular traffic and has caused property damage in the past. During significant rain events, parts of the intersection have experienced flood inundation depths near 2-3 feet deep.

On October 2018, Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson (JMT) completed and submitted a drainage basin study to the City address the current challenges and recommendations on how to improve the drainage in and around the Huger Street and King Street intersection, including upsizing portions of the conveyance system and installing pump station to manage run-off of major rainfalls.

From the October 2018 study, the City is moving forward with implementing drainage improvements to the basin including increasing storage in the area, upsizing select existing conveyance system, and building a pump station to handle flow from significant storm events.