Beresford Creek Bridge Replacement

Project Overview

The City of Charleston is replacing the Daniel Island Drive bridge over Beresford Creek.  In 2019, the weight limit of the existing bridge was reduced to 5 tons per axle after a routine inspection found some deterioration on one of the bridge beams.  A two-inch steel plate was installed to strengthen the beam and make the bridge safe for passenger vehicles.  Inspections have continued to occur monthly since the repair to ensure that the bridge is safe at its current load while the city has secured funding, is finalizing design, and is preparing to advertise for construction in the Spring 2022.  Once a construction team has been selected and given the notice to proceed, construction is anticipated to last approximately 12 months.  The timeline for bridge construction will require a full closure of the roadway, the length of that closure will depend on the selected construction proposal. Construction proposals will be judged upon their efficient use of public funds and the length of full closure. 

Project Goals

The project is being designed to:

  • Replacing the load restricted bridge to allow un-restricted vehicle access.
  • Improve corridor bicycle and pedestrian mobility.
  • Minimize environmental impacts by maintaining existing alignment.
  • Increase opening below bridge for improved hydraulic flow.

Project Area

Beresford Creek Bridge Map

A Public Meeting was held on Monday, November 15, 2021:

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Video of Existing Beresford Creek Bridge

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