Find My Districts and Zones

Use interactive maps to search for property-based information about city districts, zones and services. Printable PDF maps are also available for download.

** All-in-one property information is available to view via the MAPNET application. Use the map's search box and get detailed results about that location.

Interactive Map Tools

Name Description
MAPNET   Map and identify Zoning, Trash, Garbage & Streetsweeping Areas, Land Use, City Council Districts, Etc.
MAPNET Help Tool Quick overview about using MAPNET
Voting Districts Map City, County, State and US level voting district boundaries
City Zoning Map City of Charleston Zoning Map

* To see all printable maps, scroll to the PDF MAPS section at the bottom of the GIS maps showcase page

Zoning Maps - Download a Printable 8.5"x11" PDF