Residential Rental Registration Pilot Program

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Residential Rental Registration Pilot Program

The Residential Rental Registration Program will be piloted in the Cannonborough-Elliotborough neighborhood.  Property owners and/or property managers of long term residential rental properties in this neighborhood must register these properties by February 28, 2023. Each long term residential rental unit must be registered. If you are an out of state property owner you must have a responsible local representative whose primary place of residence or business office is within thirty (30) miles of the City of Charleston. 

An application and $40.00 annual fee are required for each TMS (Tax Map Sequence Number) with an additional $10 per unit not to exceed $100 total per TMS number. One application may be submitted per TMS.  Any property owner with 5 or more long term rental units in the City of Charleston must also have a business license.       


Residential Rental Registration Ordinance                             

Residential Rental Registration Application