DIY Grime Gang Kits

Don't have the time to coordinate a large group beautification event, or would you rather work independently on your own time? Then, consider joining our Grime Gang! We offer DIY Grime Gang Kits, so you can conduct some small beautification activities on your own time and in an area of your choosing. Our kits are great for providing you the tools to remove illegal decals and stickers from street signs, light poles, utility poles, utility boxes, parking meters, USPS mail boxes, etc. In regards to graffiti removal, the supplies in this kit will only help remove small instance of graffiti on solid surfaces, and will not help with graffiti removal on buildings facades or porous surfaces like concrete or brick. 

Our DIY Grime Gang Kits are provided free of charge to Charleston citizens. These kits are designed for use by individuals, but can be easily adapted to accommodate small family groups as well. We will gladly throw in extra supplies if needed. Quantities can be indicated on our request form. The Grime Gang Kit includes a visibility vest, washable reusable gloves, storage buckets with air-tight lid, trash bag, water spray bottle, Goof-off, paint/decal scraper, magic eraser sponge, and rags. 

Grime Gang Kit

If interested, please submit a request via our online request form. Kits can be picked up during normal business hours, at our office located at 823 Meeting Street.  

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